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geotechnical soil construction  
    Fidelis Engineering understands our job is to get your structure built.

When we are awarded a project, we consider our partnership with you to be an exclusive engagement because that’s what it is. Your management team, your site, and your structure are unique and different. We don’t try to fit your job into designs created for something or someone else. Instead, we use our extensive experience, state of the art software, and the latest in field equipment to develop creative and adaptive solutions for you. Solutions that work effectively in the real world.

Our unique approach to project management enables us to acclimate to your environment and deliver technically sound, practical, and cost-effective plans and designs to get your job done. A Project manager is assigned to your project. This highly skilled professional will be on your job - and at your site - from introduction to completion. He or she considers themselves part of your team of consultants and contractors. Your Project Manager will supervise the team of engineers and geologists, attend construction meetings, and is the primary contact for administrative and management issues. The technical team, too, will remain dedicated to your project through completion.

Day after day, you will see the same faces and talk with the same people. You will never have to be concerned if the person at your site understands the specifics of your job. You can be assured they know what they need to know to get the job done. Fidelis Engineering’s wide-ranging technical expertise will get your project built successfully. Focused attention, continuity, and effective communication from our staff will build a trusting, professional relationship with you and your team.

Geotechnical Engineering
Our engineers and geologists have extensive experience with subsurface investigations, soil infiltration, sinkhole identification and remediation, shallow and deep foundation design, slope stability analysis, pavement design, etc.

Soil and Lab
Fidelis Engineering, Inc. has a full-service construction materials lab on-site in order to offer timely testing of concrete, soil, asphalt and masonry. Our lab is AASHTO and CCRL inspected for select soil tests and concrete.

Inspection Services
Our field inspection and testing is performed by engineers, geologists, and certified inspectors. All are experts in their respective fields. Our staff members hold one or more of the following certifications and/or accreditations: ACI, ICC, NICET, EIT, PE, LEED ®.

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